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    Hello Arelor!

    ** On Thursday 13.08.20 - 05:43, arelor wrote to Gamgee:

    As far as I know, the norm for data now is "unlimited". ...

    Meanwhile, here in Spain, I have no free SMS included in my plan, 5 GB
    of data in my plan, and I have to listen others complain about their

    My plan is one of the cheapo ones, but unless you do a lot of
    marketing work on your phone you don't get a plan with lots of SMS, unlimited calls and 20 GB of data transfer.

    What about services like this one:


    "We also offer Spain SIM cards, phone rentals and purchases. If your
    phone is unlocked and works internationally, you can simply purchase a
    SIM card designed specifically for use in Spain. If you have a tablet or
    only need data, we offer a data SIM card that gives you virtually
    unlimited data connectivity for Spain."

    Their intro card is $70, 9GB data, unlimited free incoming calls - all for
    30 days! LOL :( The card is probably only deliverable and available to
    NA citizens prior to travel abroad?

    But maybe there is something similar but available in your country?

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