• Amazonís AI Cams Punish Drivers for 'Mistakes'

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    AmazonÆs AI Cams Punish Drivers for 'Mistakes' (Report)

    Delivery drivers in Los Angeles have blamed AI surveillance cameras for penalizing them for other vehicles' mistakes on the road - resulting in lost income.

    "Maintain safe distance," the AI tech system would warn, a driver told Motherboard complaining it would lower his performance rating when other cars cut him up.

    ôEvery time I need to make a right hand turn, it inevitably happens. A car cuts me off to move into my lane, and the camera, in this really dystopian dark, robotic voice, shouts at me."

    The outlet spoke to drivers across multiple US states confronted by similar problems, including cameras punishing them for 'looking at the side mirror, fiddling with the radio or stopping ahead of a blind intersection.'

    Has Amazon created dystopian road rage?
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