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    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Wed Nov 10 08:26:42 2021
    This week, via the website http://wikitree.com I was able to see my relationship to some
    famous military notables.

    I am:

    16 degrees George Armstrong Custer (1839-1876)
    17 degrees Joseph Roswell Hawley (1826-1905)
    18 degrees Isaac Brock (1769-1812)
    19 degrees Thomas Laycock (abt.1786-1823)
    21 degrees Michel (Ney) Ney d'Elchingen (1769-1815)
    21 degrees William Frederick Halsey Jr. (1882-1959)
    21 degrees Frank Friday Fletcher (1855-1928)
    21 degrees Robert Brousard Landry (1910-2000)
    22 degrees Elmo Russell Zumwalt Jr (1920-2000)
    23 degrees Chester William Nimitz (1885-1966)
    23 degrees Andrew Hamilton Russell KCB KCMG (1868-1960)
    23 degrees George Johnston (1764-1823)
    23 degrees Otto Eduard Leopold (Bismarck-Sch nhausen) von Bismarck-Sch nhausen
    23 degrees William Edward Hall VC (abt.1827-1904)
    24 degrees Charles de Gaulle (1890-1970)
    24 degrees Arthur William (Curry) Currie GCMG, KCB (1875-1933)

    I was also able to see an area of mine that shows all of my cousins, and a separate area
    for my cousins spouses. This site is amazing!

    Mike Dippel

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