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    From Mike Dippel@954:895/1 to All on Sun Oct 24 22:53:14 2021
    I talk a lot about the expertise of the maestro, Marco Mendez. I designed his website,
    so I get access to all of the materials he puts together at no charge. These materials
    include weekly song registrations for the song of the week, and a PDF with the sheet

    He conducts various seminars and webinars to help teach students about the particular
    instrument that they own. These include 3 Yamaha products, as well as the Roland and
    Lowrey organs.

    He puts tons of time to produce these materials, and the end result is a song whose
    sounds and notes accurately reflect the actual professionally recorded song that we
    know by hearing it on the radio.

    Recently, I played 10 of his song arrangements at a local 'Fun Fest' and the listeners
    were impressed with the arrangements. They marveled at the song productions and
    how they emulated the song they know.

    I urge anyone with a keyboard or organ that is interested in becoming more proficient to
    visit his website at: https://www.marcomendez.net And if you want to see any of his
    monthly concerts, visit: https://marcomendez.net/videos_concerts/ New concerts are
    added monthly.

    You can also join his weekly digital classes for free (materials are extra). A link can be
    found on his home page.

    Hope to see you there!

    Mike Dippel

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