• ext2_240.zip (2,258K)

    Uploaded Sat Jun 19 2021 22:13:20

    ext2-os2 V2.40 : Linux ext2fs IFS (file
    system driver) for OS/2. Allows OS/2 to 
    access Linux native partitions (ext2fs 
    partitions) as normal OS/2 drive letters.
    Includes also Deon van der Westhuysen's 
    Linux partition filter driver (ext2flt.flt).
    Licence agreement : GNU GPL.
    Matthieu WILLM
    Home : willm@ibm.net
    Work : mwillm@vnet.ibm.com
  • omnien.zip (617K)

    Uploaded Thu Aug 26 2021 12:56:11

    Printer Driver Omni level 30.716 for OS/2
  • osrdrv.zip (135K)

    Uploaded Thu Aug 26 2021 12:56:12

    OS/2 Sound Card Driver for ASound/ASonic
    cards using the YAMAHA YMF 718, 719, 715
    chip sets.
  • pgpshe22.zip (64K)

    Uploaded Sat Jun 19 2021 22:13:26

    PGPShell version 2.2 - August 1993
    A front-end shell for use with Phil
    Zimmermann's Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
    public-key encryption program.  A menu
    interface, mouse driver, fast tools
    for analyzing your public key ring,
    and intuitive prompts, make encryption
    tasks easy and (dare I say) fun.
  • plotters.zip (266K)

    Uploaded Thu Aug 26 2021 12:56:13

    Printer Driver Plotter level 30.716 for OS/2
  • rtsnd323.zip (36K)

    Uploaded Thu Aug 26 2021 12:56:00

    OS/2 NDIS driver for Realtek 8139/8130/810x and compatibles
    The supported chips may be used on PCI boards or
    CardBus cards from various vendors, for example:
    * Accton
      EN1207D/EN2242A Series PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * Acer Inc
      ALN-325 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * Allied Telesyn International
      AT-2500 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * Aopen Inc
      ALN-325C Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * ASUSTeK Computer Inc
      L2 Series Notebooks integrated NIC
    * Belkin
      F5D5000 PCI Card/Desktop Network PCI Card
    * Compaq
    * Compex
      ReadyLink Express 10/10 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * Conceptronics
    * D-Link
      DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter
      DFE-530TX+ (Rev.D2)
      SN5200 Fast Ethernet Adapter
      DFE-690TXD CardBus
    * Danpex
      fe6550tx CardBus 10/100Mbps Ethernet Card
    * Edimax
      EN9130 Fast Ethernet Adapter
      10/100M Fast Ethernet Adapter EN9130TXA
      EP-4103DL CardBus
    * Encore
    * Fujitsu Ltd
      Lifebook Series Notebooks
    * Gigabyte
      GA-6VEML Mainboard
    * Hawking Technology
      PN102TX 10/100 PNP PCI Network Adapter
    * Kingston
      EtheRX PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter (KNE120TX)
    * KTI
      KF-230TX(/2) Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * KYE
      Genius GF100TXR Series
    * LevelOne
      FPC-0106Tx CardBus
    * Longshine
    * Mentor
    * Nortel Networks
    * OvisLink
      Fast Ethernet Adapter 10/100Mbps, LFE-8139(/A/H)TX
    * Peppercon
    * PLANET
      ENW-3504fc CardBus
    * Planex
      FNW-3603/3800-TX 10/100 CardBus
    * Ruby Tech Corp
      FE-1439TX Fast Ethernet Adapter
    * Siemens
      1020 PCI NIC
      1012v2 CardBus
    * Sitecom
      Cardbus PC Card Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
    * Standard Microsystems Corp
      SMC EZ Card 10/100 (SMC1211TX)
    * Surecom
      EP-320X-R/R-1/R-1L 100/10M PCI Adapter
    * UNEX Technology Corp
      ND010 Fast Ethernet Adapter
    OS/2 Drivers
  • sb2warp.zip (5K)

    Uploaded Sat Jun 19 2021 22:13:27

    Driver patches for Sound Blaster 2.0 clones
  • sddse701.zip (3,737K)

    Uploaded Thu Aug 26 2021 12:56:14

    SciTech Display Doctor 7.01 for OS/2 IBM
    Special Edition GA Release 2  GRADD video
    drivers that IBM has licensed on behalf all
    OS/2 customers. 
  • usbprten.zip (164K)

    Uploaded Thu Aug 26 2021 12:56:16

    usbprten.exe  USB Print Support Driver for OS/2 Warp.
    readme.txt, RSPDDI.EXE, TSTUHCD.exe, usbd.sys, usbmon.exe, usbprt.ddp,
    usbprt.hlp, usbprt.pdr, usbprt.sys, usbuhcd.sys